Ryan Arnold, “Gone Home
Lindsay Blackie, “The Misselthwaite Archives
Chris Cammiso, “Book-A-Minute ­by RinkWorks : Is Brevity The Soul Of Wit?
Miranda Chan, “The LIT Room: Where Words Become Worlds
Marla Cole, “The Silent History: A New Kind of Novel
Stephen De Costa Guimarais, “Sherlock: Interactive Adventure
Lauren Davis, “Doublespeak: The Current Line
Jasmin Diaz, “Spritz
Michael Fanelli, “Read Me Stories: An Analysis of a Children’s Reading App
Christine Huynh, “Booktrack: Is this the future of reading?
Helen Irias, “Literary Graffiti
Maya Jacobson, “Pottermore: A New Kind of Reading Supplement
Kendrick Kleiner, “Inanimate Alice
Pratik Kumar, Google Books
Pharia Le, “Spritz: The Fast-Reading App
Winnie Liu, “Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page
Connor London: “Blood Sugar: An Interactive Analysis of Drug Addiction
Ryan Mandell, Helen Friel’s Design of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Imp of the Perverse”
Robin Neugroschl, “E-Book Backup
Alyssa Paxevanos Evans, “Red 14 Films
Oakley Purchase, “NextText and the Future of Computational Artistry
Johna Reisch, “Enplug
Alicia Rubio, “Spine Sonnet
Samer Saman, “Skyrim: A New Mode of Literacy
Anna Strenk, “Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special
Matthew Tsai, “Deconstructing Building Stories
Andrew Urena, “James Bridle’s The Iraq War: A History of Wikipedia Changelogs
Thomas Vu, “Beeline Reader: The Colorful Reading Tool
Jacob Weeks, “…But Frankly, The Art Was Stolen
Aaron Woldhagen, “Kinetic Typography
Maher Zaidi, “Poetry for Robots
Teague Zavitz, “Waldek Wegrzyn’s Elektrobiblio (Electrolibrary)

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